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SJF Lineshaft Conveyor Straight Section
SJF Lineshaft Conveyor Straight SectionLineshaft Conveyor Straight Section Dimensional DrawingLineshaft Conveyor Straight Section Without Add Ons
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13" between frame width x 5' long$539.44 Add to Cart
13" between frame width x 7' long$756.09 Add to Cart
13" between frame width x 10' long$1078.89 Add to Cart
16" between frame width x 5' long$626.69 Add to Cart
16" between frame width x 7' long$878.23 Add to Cart
16" between frame width x 10' long$1253.36 Add to Cart
22" between frame width x 5' long$631.04 Add to Cart
22" between frame width x 7' long$884.04 Add to Cart
22" between frame width x 10' long$1262.09 Add to Cart
32" between frame width x 5' long$734.27 Add to Cart
32" between frame width x 7' long$1026.54 Add to Cart
32" between frame width x 10' long$1467.10 Add to Cart
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These lineshaft conveyor straight sections are the workhorses of a lineshaft conveyor system. Used in combination with lineshaft drives, these straight sections are available in a variety of lengths to create a myriad of different conveyor runs. Lineshaft straight sections must be 'slaved' to a drive unit in order to operate.

How does Lineshaft Work?
Lineshaft powered roller conveyors are a truly innovative design among powered conveyors.The basic design utilizes rollers that are driven by a urethane belt from a drive shaft under the roller bed which runs the length of the conveyor. This driveshaft is turned by a motor and transmits its rotation via small urethane belts to individual rollers.

This type of conveyor also provides a basic accumulation function. When back-pressure is applied to the product being conveyed, the spools driving the rollers under the product will slip on the drive shaft providing very minimal back-pressure.

Product Specifications
  • 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge galvanized rollers
  • 7/16" hex, spring retained steel axles
  • Plain grease packed bearings
  • Rollers set 1/4" high on 3" centers
  • 5-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 12 gauge powder coated formed steel channel frames
  • Bolted construction
  • 5' and 7' long conveyors each come with one H-style leg support - 30" to top of roller
  • 10' long conveyors come with two H-style leg supports - 30" to top of roller

*Stand-alone components require an additional support. Please call for more information.

*Product may vary slightly from photos.

Usually Ships within 2 - 3 Weeks *
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Conveyor - Power > Lineshaft Conveyor Straight Sections
Lineshaft straight sections are used in conjunction with drive units to create long runs of powered roller conveyor.
Price Range Range: $539.44 - $1467.10
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